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Class 0 Testimonials

"It is my pleasure to work with the Dream Team which is well recognized to be the world class consulting company in the ESD industry."
David Chow
Six Sigma Black Belt ESD Leader, Herald Datanetics Inc.
"As a leading manufacturer of producing magnetic tape head recording products, HDL is aware that having only the ESD knowledge without applying it into practice is meaningless. Moreover, good consulting service is necessary for providing correct direction and proper coaching. As MR tape head is a kind of extremely ESD sensitive products, traditional ESD control methods do not work. HDL had suffered the ESD yield loss for several years and that is why we know that special techniques and experiences on process control for handling those extremely ESD sensitive products are required from ESD consultants. After searching and evaluating several potential ESD consulting firms, HDL finally selected the Dangelmayer Associates, LLC (DA) as its ESD consulting service provider. Not only because they have a wonderful "Dream Team", but also there are several reasons for making this decision and the two most important ones are:
  1. DA introduced an ESD Program Management (EPM) Quality System which is a good documentation system, well integrated with ISO 9000 Quality System for process control
  2. DA provided a Benchmarking EPM Performance ScaleTM Assessment which is a highly effective tool for measuring and analyzing an ESD program. Based on the benchmarking result, a thorough on-site Technical Assessment (TA) was taken place in HDL during the first DA visit
Besides, DA could provide a tailor-made, responsive consulting service plan for its customers. After a year of consulting and coaching, the ESD problem in HDL production line is greatly improved and well under control. ESD is no longer a mystery in HDL now!"
David Chow
HDL in Zhuhai, China