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Global Customized ESD/EOS Consulting Services
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Dangelmayer Associates - The ESD Dream Team

All Engineers – 12 Advanced Degrees – PhDs and Masters

  • 200 Years Operational ESD Experience in Manufacturing and R&D
  • Fundamental Research – Effects of ESD on Manufacturing Yields
  • S20.20 Expertise – Programs, Pre–Assessments, Documents
  • 85 Patents; Authored 2 Books; Multiple Technical Papers & Articles
  • Pioneered CDM Model; 1st Simulator; 1st JEDEC Standard
  • Unparalleled Expertise – CDM, CBE, EOS, Class 0
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Customer Base - Continent
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We wrote the book

We wrote the book: ESD Program Management by Ted Dangelmayer

ESD Program Management: A realistic
Approach to Continuous Measurable
Improvement in Static Control
by Ted Dangelmayer