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“You do not need to do this: survival is not mandatory”–Dr. W. Edwards Deming

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Training Experience

Dangelmayer Associates is a globally recognized for outstanding training skills and customized courses such as CDM, CBE, EOS, S20.20, Class 0, ESD Program Management. Student comments and testimonials are invariably highly complimentary. For instance, at the international EOS/ESD Symposium we were the only ones to receive a perfect score (5.0) by students in all categories. We offer instructor led or CBT (Computer Based Training) training from the basics to highly advanced research and development. Our technical accuracy is unparallel due to 10 advanced engineering degrees. We have managed training programs for Global S20.20 programs as ESD program Managers for AT&T, HP, Motorola, and Finisar.

Student Testimonials:

“My expectations were surpassed in all respects”

“Outstanding Presentation Skills!”

“The Instructors are obviously experts and very professional!”

“Very good interaction, relaxed environment and non-intimidating!”



  1. Dangelmayer Associates Training Experience and Expertise:
    1. We have industry-leading experience in advanced ESD issues (charged-device model, class 0/00/000)
    2. Operational training experience in manufacturing and research and development.
    3. Excel in customizing training to meet customer needs and vision
    4. We consistently score (by the attendees) among the very highest of the instructors at the EOS/ESD Symposium
      1. For instance, we were the only ones to receive a perfect score of 5.0 in all categories.
    1. Our technical accuracy is unparalleled.  We are the only company comprised of all engineers and 10 advanced degrees.
    2. Have written two books on ESD - including heavy emphasis on training.
    3. Taught tutorials and/or workshops at virtually every EOS/ESD Symposium
    4. Basics Instructors for ESD Association EOS/ESD Symposium
    5. S20.20 Instructor for ESD Association EOS/ESD Symposium
    6. Instructors for on-line courses for ESD Association
    7. ESD Association Education Chair
    8. ESD Association Board Members
    9. 2 Past Presidents of ESD Association
    10. Auditing, Measurements, Strategies and Pitfalls ESDS instructors
    11. International experience delivering training with and without interpreters
    12. Over 200 years on the job manufacturing and training experience –  including Motorola; AT& T Lucent,  Bell labs, Hewlett-Packard; Finisar
  1. Computer Based Training (CBT)
    1. Best available in the industry
    2. Technology vetted by DA team during development phase
    3. Impartially scored by AT&T at 94 %.   Closest CBT competitor was 52%
  2. iNARTE Training
    1. Founding leaders of the iNARTE ESD certification program for the ESD Association.
    2. PhD level trainers for engineering calculations course
    3. Developed iNARTE certification preparatory courses