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S20.20 Certification Process

There are two phases for a manufacturing facility to become S20.20 certified.  Phase one is the preparation that will be necessary to either develop a program from scratch or to modify an existing program to be compliant with S20.20.    The second phase is the certification audit that can only be done by an ESDA Certified Body (formerly call ESDA Certified ISO Registrar).  Consultants are not authorized to certify manufacturing programs.  However, Dangelmayer Associates does support the ESD Association by training and certifying representatives from Certified Bodies to perform the S20.20 Certification Audit at manufacturing facilities.

We are uniquely positioned to help companies, during phase one, prepare for S20.20 certification with our team of experts and 100% of our clients have been certified on the first try.   We provide the full range of S20.20 services such as program development, writing of documents, review of existing documents, pre-assessments, training, and support during your certification audit.


S20.20 Program Documents: Development/Review

S20.20 Plan
The ESD control plan is the backbone of the S20.20 ESD control program.  The document needs to be written so that it conforms the companies’ quality system documents, and must contain specific elements in order to meet ANSI/ESD S20.20 requirements.  Dangelmayer Associates can write from scratch or review your ESD Control Plan to ensure that it meets the stringent requirements of ANSI/ESD S20.20.  100% of our clients plans have been certified on the first try.

Compliance Verification Plan
One if the essential elements in the ESD Control Plan is the Compliance Verification Plan. This portion of the document details how the company will ensure that the technical elements defined in the plan will be audited on a regular basis to ensure they are operating properly.  Like the overall plan, it must contain certain elements to meet the requirement of the quality system and ANSI/ESD S20.20.   Dangelmayer Associates is uniquely qualified to write your Compliance Verification Plan to ensure it will meet the needs of the client and also meet the requirements in ANSI/ESD S20.20.
Training Plan
The training program is another essential element in S20.20.  It is also the number one cause of major non-conformances found by Certification Bodies.  Dangelmayer Associates can ensure that your Training program meets the requirements of ANSI/ESD S20.20 and that the client company can pass this portion of the S20.20 Assessment.

S20.20 Implementation Guidance

Once the ESD Control plan is written and contains the required administrative and technical elements, implementation of the plan begins.  Dangelmayer personnel can provide guidance and training on selecting and purchasing the correct technical items, installing them properly, and then testing them to ensure they are working properly.

S20.20 Pre-assessment
Dangelmayer Associates personnel who are experts in the implementation and use of ANSI/ESD S20.20 and are also familiar with what the S20.20 Certification Bodies look for during an assessment will perform a detailed analysis of your program by examining the clients ESD Control Plan, and follow through with verification that the administrative and technical elements during an on-site assessment.  The assessment performed by Dangelmayer Associates is similar to the assessment performed by the ESDA approved Certification Bodies and will verify that the client company is ready for the formal Certification Body Assessment.  100% of our clients have been certified on the first try

S20.20 Training - On-Site or Webinar Based

Two Day Seminar
Dangelmayer Associates offers a two-day seminar on S20.20.  In this seminar, you will learn in detail how to implement, audit, and ensure your ESD program meets your companies’ needs as well as the stringent standards of ANSI/ESD S20.20.  Additionally some of the areas that are beyond the scope of S20.20 are covered (Charged Device Model, Charged Board & Charged Cable Discharge etc.).

How to Audit for S2020 Compliance of Suppliers – New (facility cert info)
Because we have personnel that actually train the S20.20 Certification Bodies, we can offer training to your auditors as well on how to audit your suppliers to ANSI/ESD S20.20.  This one-day class will go through the various portions of ANSI/ESD S20.20 and the subtle nuances of the standard to ensure you can effectively audit your supplier to make sure they are in compliance to S20.20.

S20.20 Measurements per TR53 – How to Perform the Tests Specified in your S20.20 Plan
Each company has unique program needs, application appropriate tests and test equipment.   We provide hands-on ESDA TR53 training to show clients how to perform the appropriate tests for their operations.  

Measurements and Pitfalls Tutorial
Accurate data is the foundation of effective S20.20 based ESD Program Management. This hands-on tutorial will explain and demonstrate the proper use of ESD test equipment such as static locators, resistance meters, charge plate monitors and other equipment used to verify the limits set in your S20.20 program. We will examine pitfalls of using these common instruments that can result in an incorrect representation of the ESD risk. For example, static locators can give misleading readings if the effects of voltage suppression are not taken into account. We will also discuss the effective use of ionization since ionizers that are not measured, maintained and located correctly may contribute ESD hazards to the work area. This course focuses on the measurement requirements necessary for an effective certified S20.20 based ESD control program.

CBT (Computer Based Training) (Ryne – link to CBT page)

We provide the best CBT courses available and they are ideal for satisfying S20.20 training and recurrent training requirements including revolving exam questions for employee certification.  Test results are automatically forwarded to designated personnel to further satisfy S20.20.  These courses are highly interactive and yield exceptionally high comprehension and retention results.  They establish sound understanding of the technology and S20.20.

S20.20 Testimonials:

“Dangelmayer Associates did an outstanding job preparing our documents and ESD program for S20.20 certification. They exceeded our highest expectations both technically and professionally and we passed the certification audit on the first try. Their vast knowledge and experience with S20.20 resulted in application appropriate requirements while simplifying the customization and implementation of our program.

They are a pleasure to do business with!”