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“During the several months of the contract, I felt incredibly grateful for what you did for Finisar, and much more deeply realized just how unique the service you provide is!”.–Bob Herrick, Ph.D.

Success Stories Overview

Three ESD Class 0 Success Stories | ESD Myths, Latency and Success Stories
EOS Misdiagnosis and Success Story | Economic Benefits | Testimonials

These Success Stories and testimonials are merely examples of the results all of our clients have experienced. S20.20 clients have invariably been certified on the first try; clients with high ESD failure rates have virtually 100% yields since working with us; clients with occasional bursts of failures are defect free; clients with EOS failures have seen 80% reductions with the introduction of ESD our controls for CBE (Charged Board Event); and those who have taken advantage of our coaching program have become highly skilled ESD practitioners and technically independent. When measured by accounting, ROI’s have been as high as 950%.


We wrote the book

We wrote the book: ESD Program Management by Ted Dangelmayer

ESD Program Management: A realistic
Approach to Continuous Measurable
Improvement in Static Control
by Ted Dangelmayer