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“You do not need to do this: survival is not mandatory”–Dr. W. Edwards Deming

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Student comments and testimonials are invariably highly complimentary:
At the EOS/ESD Symposium we were the only instructors to receive a perfect score by students of 5.0 in all categories.

What did you like best about the ESD Class:

  • "The Instructors!"
  • "Very knowledgeable instructors!"
  • "Excellent presentation style and student participation!"

Interactive ESD Workshops

  • "My expectations were surpassed in all respects"
  • "The Instructors are obviously experts and very professional!"
  • "Excellent presentation style and student participation!"
  • "Wow!"
  • "Training room facilities are outstanding with a friendly ambience"
  • "Iā€™m bringing good stuff back home!"
  • "Well organized and backed by experience - not solely on theory!"
  • "Excellent workshop!   Plenty of new information from last year and I developed a better understanding of things I had heard before."
  • "Outstanding ā€“ no complaints!  The boat ride and dinner were over the top ā€“ great surprise!"
  • "The real life examples were very useful and instructive!"
  • "Great!  I learned more in three days than I had in six months!"
  • "The technical information in the course is exceptional and the practical application examples were invaluable."
  • "Class 0 certification by Steve Fowler was a great addition this year!"
  • "Excellent, fun and very informative!"