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Global Customized ESD/EOS Consulting Services
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The Dangelmayer Advantage – The ESD Dream Team
Dangelmayer Associates - The ESD Dream Team

All Engineers – 12 Advanced Degrees – PhD’s and Masters

  • 200 Years Operational ESD Experience in Manufacturing and R&D
  • Fundamental Research – Effects of ESD on Manufacturing Yields
  • S20.20 Expertise – Programs, Pre–Assessments, Documents
  • 85 Patents; Authored 2 Books; Multiple Technical Papers & Articles
  • Pioneered CDM Model; 1st Simulator; 1st JEDEC Standard
  • Unparalleled Expertise – CDM, CBE, EOS, Class 0


TERRY WELSHER, Ph.D:  Senior Vice President
LOUIS DECHIARO, Ph.D:  Director Physics, Components & Systems
LARRY FROMM, BSEE, MBA, CQM, PE:  Director of Manufacturing Programs
GINGER HANSEL, BS, BSEET, MBA:  Director Marketing & ESD Program Management
LARRY SNOW:  Director of Training
MIN-CHUNG JON, Ph.D:  Director of Materials Analysis
ARNIE STEINMAN, MSEE:  Director of Cleanroom Programs and Ionization
JEFFREY DUNNIHOO, MSEE:  Director, Circuit Board Designed-in Protection




Ted Dangelmayer has held leadership positions such as Chairman of the Lucent Global ESD Leadership Team, President of the International ESD Association, Chairman of the ANSI/ESDA Standards Committee, and General Chairman of the EOS/ESD Symposium. Under Ted’s leadership, Lucent Technologies ­ North Andover, MA, was the first site in the USA to become S20.20 certified. At the time, the Lucent site had 2,000,000 square feet of floor space and 12,000 employees. The lead DNV auditor was quoted as saying "I've audited literally hundreds of ESD programs and, without a doubt, the Lucent program is the best I have ever seen. It’s a world class benchmark, and you can quote me on that!"

He has published numerous magazine articles, technical papers and two books, ESD PROGRAM MANAGEMENT.

Ted holds three patents, is NARTE Certified, and has successfully completed the ESD Association ANSI/ESDA S20.20 Course for Program Managers and Consultants. He is currently President of the Northeast Chapter of the ESD Association and a member of the ESD Association International Council of Education and 2003 Technical Program Committee.


President & CEO

E-mail: ted@dangelmayer.com


More information on Ted and his book can be found in Wikipedia.org.



Dr. Terry L. Welsher retired from Lucent Technologies-Bell Laboratories Engineering Research Center in 2001 as the Director of the Quality, Test & Reliability department. He began his career in Bell Labs in 1978 where he worked on electrical conduction mechanisms in insulating polymers and electrolytic corrosion failure mechanisms in electrical interconnection materials. In 1984 he was appointed Distinguished Member of Technical Staff for his work in these fields. In 1986 he was promoted to Technical Manager to re-constitute the Bell Laboratories core expertise in electrostatic discharge (ESD). The newly formed group proceeded to produce a string of ground-breaking contributions to the field and played a key role in advancing industry standards. In 1994, he broadened his group's activities to all aspects of hardware reliability for Lucent Technologies with special emphasis in environmental stress testing (EST) and product reliability prediction and planning. In 1998 he was promoted to Director of the Quality, Test & Reliability Center of Excellence where he directed the development and deployment of product quality, test and reliability assurance practices for Lucent Technologies business units. This work included design for testability of integrated circuits, board and system level test and diagnosis and special techniques for testing of RF and optoelectronic systems and components. Dr. Welsher was


Senior Vice President



Chairman of the ESD Association Standards Committee 1988-1989. He was Technical Program Chair in 1991, Vice General Chair in 1992 and General Chair in 1993 of the EOS/ESD Symposium. He served as member of the Symposium Board of Directors 1993-1995. He has also been active in quality standards and roadmapping activities with Sematech, the ESD Association and the JEDEC 14 Quality and Reliability Committee. He has also served on the Board of Directors of JEDEC. He holds a B.S. in Chemistry from Florida State University and Ph.D. in chemical physics from the University of Texas at Austin. He is author or co-author of thirty-five papers in solid state physics, applied mathematics, organic chemistry, electronics reliability and electrostatic discharge.



Dr. Louis F. DeChiaro received the B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. Degrees in Physics from The Stevens Institute of Technology in 1970, 1972, and 1979, respectively. Between 1972 and 1976, he served as an Electronic Systems Officer with the USAF (SAC) command. Dr. DeChiaro spent five years at AT&T Bell Laboratories in Allentown, PA, specializing in the design and reliability of silicon ICs and device-level ESD effects. Upon leaving Bell Labs in 1985 to join the staff at Telcordia Technologies (then known as Bellcore) in Red Bank, NJ, Dr. DeChiaro specialized in semiconductor laser reliability and system-level ESD effects. From 1995 through the Fall, 2002, he was with Lucent Technologies / Bell Laboratories in Princeton and Holmdel, NJ, specializing in device and system-level ESD effects. Dr. DeChiaro retired from Bell Labs as a Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff (DMTS) in 2002 and has since been pursuing an academic career at The Richard Stockton College of NJ, where he serves as an Associate Professor of Computational Science. Dr. DeChiaro is a member of Tau Beta Pi.



Director Physics, Components & Systems

E-mail: Lou@dangelmayer.com




Larry Fromm received his BSEE from Ohio Northern University. He worked for General Electric at various sites prior to joining Varian Associates Medical Equipment Group. He received his MBA degree from San Jose State.

Mr. Fromm joined Hewlett-Packard in 1979 at Santa Clara, CA. In 1993, Larry moved to HP Corporate as ESD Program Manager where his responsibilities included ESD training programs (including web-based ESD training), material qualification, and auditing. He also represented HP on several standards committees and was responsible for generating and revising the HP ESD Standard as well as producing ESD training materials for HP and its business partners.

In 2001 he joined Dangelmayer Associates as Director of Manufacturing Programs with responsibilities including ESD control and ISO9001:2000. Larry has been a SIVA Board Member for several years where he also served as President, Delegate at Large,

SIVA Liaison, and a member of the Education Committee. He has presented three papers at previous symposiums on test methods, packaging, and flooring and in 1997 won Best Presentation for a paper on flooring test methods. Mr. Fromm is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of California and a NARTE certified ESD control engineer.


Director of Manufacturing Programs

E-mail: larry@dangelmayer.com




Ginger Hansel joined Motorola's Semiconductor Products Sector in 1981 as a Test Process/Equipment Engineer to analyze and improve manufacturing operations. She founded and led the manufacturing ESD control team that trained, audited, qualified materials, and established innovative solutions throughout the semiconductor sector. Under her leadership, the team reduced a 40% failure rate in one test operation to almost zero through the targeted introduction of specific ESD control materials and ESD Awareness training. Ginger brought ESD awareness to her other roles as Engineering Section Leader, Technical Training Manager, QA Engineer, Business Metrics Engineer, Data and Document Control Manager, Program Manager and Technical Product Marketing Manager. Ginger retired from Motorola/Freescale in 2004.

She has published numerous magazine articles and technical papers on effective ESD control programs and awareness training; examples include "The Production Operator: Weak Link or Warrior in the ESD Battle" and "Cost Effective Failure Analysis Method for Detecting Failure Site Associated with Extremely Small Leakage". She has taught seminars and workshops around the country and abroad. For over 20 years, Ginger has held leadership positions in the International ESD Association such as President, Board of Directors, Chairman of the Association Council on Education and has served on the Steering, Technical Program, Standards, and other committees.



Director Marketing & ESD Program Management

E-mail: ginger@dangelmayer.com

Ginger initiated the NARTE ESD Certification in 1992 and is a certified ESD control engineer. She is currently on the board of directors for the Texas ESD Association.

Ms. Hansel received a BS in Natural Sciences (Psychology) and a BS in Electrical Engineering Technology, both from the University of Houston. She received her MBA (Executive Option II program) from the University of Texas.



Larry Snow is the president of Snow Solutions Training & Consulting company and has been developing and teaching ESD courses since 1986. Larry retired from Lucent Technologies in North Andover, Massachusetts in July of 2001. His last assignment at Lucent was in the Learning & Performance Center as Senior Training Specialist and Manager for the Manufacturing, Quality, Diversity and EH&S Curriculums. While at Lucent he worked very closely with Ted Dangelmayer, ESD process owner and Consulting Member of Technical Staff. Larry is also currently employed by the Department of Training & Development for the State of Massachusetts. At Lucent he was a steering committee member of the Lucent Global ESD Leadership Team and chairperson of the Communication & Education sub-committee.

He has co-authored a paper with Ted Dangelmayer on an "Effective ESD Training Program" that was published in the EOS/ESD proceedings and is NARTE certified.


Director of Training

E-mail: snowsolutions1@aol.com





Dr. Min-Chung Jon brings to Dangelmayer Associates over 25 years of R/D experience in areas including ESD material characterization, electromagnetic impulse detection, and Failure Mode Analysis of electronic products. Having served as Factory Standards Subcommittee Chairman for Lucent Technologies - Bell Laboratories ESD Global Leadership Team, Dr. Jon has extensive experience in the reliability realization process and root cause analysis. During his time at Bell Laboratories Dr. Jon provided significant contributions and leadership direction in areas that include: Product Reliability Group, Quality and Performance Center of Excellence, ESD Studies Group, and General Materials Testing. He holds 14 U.S. patents and has written more than 25 technical articles that have been published in peer reviewed professional journals. Dr. Jon was instrumental in development and implementation of the ESD program strategic initiative to support company's new contract manufacturing business model. He has also developed Environmental Stress Test Plans for improving the robustness and reliability of circuit packs for a new version of optical communication systems.


Director of Materials Analysis

E-mail: mj285@columbia.edu


He developed a remote, electromagnetic impulse sensing system capable of detecting an ESD event in manufacturing processes. This system was a "industry first". Other important contributions that Dr. Jon made while at Bell Laboratories include: new test method and equipment including field induced charged device model (FCDM) tester to determine ESD thresholds of IC components, developed a mini-probe to qualify packaging materials used for protecting ICs from ESD damage (later to become a commercial product).



Arnold Steinman received both his BSEE and MSEE from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, graduating in the Unified Honors Program. He is certified as an ESD Program Manager by the ESD Association (ESDA) and as an ESD Engineer by iNARTE. For over 25 years he served in various positions at Ion Systems Inc., the largest manufacturer of ionization systems for cleanrooms and other applications. He was the Chief Technology Officer of the company and holds 4 patents for ionization technology. Steinman has been a member of the ESDA since 1984, serving on the Board of Directors, Standards Committee, and various standards workgroups, including ionization, automated handlers and cleanrooms. He is a principal author of most of the worldwide ionization standards, and has advised cleanroom standards organizations such as IEST, NEBB, and JACA on electrostatic issues in cleanrooms. Since 1995 Steinman has served as the leader of the SEMI ESD Task Force concerned with electrostatic issues in semiconductor manufacturing.

He also served on the IDEMA (disk drive manufacturing) ESD standards group. Steinman has published more than 50 articles on static control and ionization in industry publications and is a regular contributor of papers to industry technical meetings. Arnold Steinman is the owner/electrostatics consultant of the Electronics Workshop in Berkeley, CA


Director of Cleanroom
Programs and Ionization

E-mail: arnie@dangelmayer.com




Jeffrey Dunnihoo is the founder of Pragma Design in Austin, Texas, specializing in interface design and ESD architecture analysis. He has 25 years of experience in system design and protection applications in the consumer, computer and telecommunications product sectors. Jeff has worked on production test development and failure analysis for IBM, I/O and interface design at SMC (now SMSC), and high-speed ESD/EOS protection for CMD (now On Semi) and NXP. At Pragma Design, he has applied and extended existing EMI scanning technologies to provide enhanced ESD/EOS analysis techniques for the industry, including patents pending on new embedded transient scanning technologies.

He has also been a contributor to industry groups and standards bodies such as USB, IEEE 802.11, VESA DisplayPort, the Industry Council on ESD Target Levels and has been elected to the Board of Directors of the ESD Association. He has been granted several patents in ESD, signal integrity, and system architecture applications since graduating with a BSEE from the University of Texas at Austin.


Director, Circuit Board Designed-in Protection

E-mail: jeffrey@dangelmayer.com