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"Dear ESD Dream Team, You are the greatest ESD team on the planet! Thank you for the most memorable conference I've ever had the pleasure to attend and for all the long hours and hard work preparing for this very special opportunity to share your vast experience and knowledge!"
Maria Green
Manufacturing Engineer
Laser Projection Technologies, Inc
"During the several months of the contract, I felt incredibly grateful for what you did for Finisar, and much more deeply realized just how unique the service you provide is!"
Bob Herrick
Finisar Corp.
"These guys get it! Years of experience from the factory floor and from developing product designed-in ESD protection, their experience and wealth of knowledge will pay dividends. They will remove the headaches you feel and resolve the mysteries you can't see."
Scott Davidow
Community Architecture and Integration Division Director
Northrop Grumman TASC
"Dangelmayer Associates provides a wealth of knowledge and the practical application of a state of the art ESD program. With the assistance of the Dream Team, we have been able to significantly improve our ESD program to support of our Class 0 programs and the quality of our products."
Scott Croteau
Process and Quality Manager
Group 72 Fabrication Engineering
MIT Lincoln Laboratory Engineering
"Wow - this is really an excellent report! I was just thinking how our other consultants haven’t really dealt with the quality system, so I appreciate you giving us a whole "turn-key solution"
Bob Herrick, PhD
Senior Reliability Engineer - Finisar
"Dangelmayer Associates exceeded our highest expectations both technically and professionally. Their vast and broad technical experience with ESD is exceptional and their global ESD program management solutions were always both cost effective and realistic.

They are a pleasure to do business with."
Juan Ibaibarriaga
Staff Manager - Qualcomm
"I’ve audited literally hundreds of ESD programs and, without a doubt, this program is the best I have ever seen. It's a world class benchmark, and you can quote me on that!"
Bill Gifford
DNV ISO 9000 Registrar - S20.20 Lead Auditor
"It is my pleasure to work with the Dream Team which is well recognized to be the world class consulting company in the ESD industry."
David Chow
Six Sigma Black Belt ESD Leader, Herald Datanetics Inc.
"As a leading manufacturer of producing magnetic tape head recording products, HDL is aware that having only the ESD knowledge without applying it into practice is meaningless. Moreover, good consulting service is necessary for providing correct direction and proper coaching. As MR tape head is a kind of extremely ESD sensitive products, traditional ESD control methods do not work. HDL had suffered the ESD yield loss for several years and that is why we know that special techniques and experiences on process control for handling those extremely ESD sensitive products are required from ESD consultants. After searching and evaluating several potential ESD consulting firms, HDL finally selected the Dangelmayer Associates, LLC (DA) as its ESD consulting service provider. Not only because they have a wonderful "Dream Team", but also there are several reasons for making this decision and the two most important ones are:
  1. DA introduced an ESD Program Management (EPM) Quality System which is a good documentation system, well integrated with ISO 9000 Quality System for process control
  2. DA provided a Benchmarking EPM Performance ScaleTM Assessment which is a highly effective tool for measuring and analyzing an ESD program. Based on the benchmarking result, a thorough on-site Technical Assessment (TA) was taken place in HDL during the first DA visit
Besides, DA could provide a tailor-made, responsive consulting service plan for its customers. After a year of consulting and coaching, the ESD problem in HDL production line is greatly improved and well under control. ESD is no longer a mystery in HDL now!"
David Chow
HDL in Zhuhai, China
"Dangelmayer Associates is the best ESD consulting company in the industry!"
Len Cohen
Static Solutions
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dangelmayer Associates, L.L.C. for the service and quality that I have received while working with you and your staff over the past year. You have been second to none when it comes to providing excellence in ESD knowledge and practices. Dangelmayer Associates also proved to be very skilled at providing ESD auditing and training services that fulfilled our short-term and long-term needs. Dangelmayer Associates has some of the best teachers and professionals that I've encountered in my twenty plus years of industry experience and have proven themselves to be very helpful in supporting our corporate goals and objectives.

Thank you for a job well done and I look forward to utilizing your services in the future."
Harold Hart
Qualcomm Students - What did you like best about the ESD Class:
"The Instructors!"
"Very knowledgeable instructors!"
"Excellent presentation style and student participation!"
ESD & EOS Workshop Students:
"It was a great experience, and as I said on the survey I learned more in two hours than I did in 2 full days at the NASA ESD training session."
"Very informative, taught by true experts!!!"
"The interaction was great! I enjoyed the demos!"
"Great mix of hands-on, demo, lecture & discussion!"
"I was impressed with the high quality of the workshop!"
"My expectations were surpassed in all respects"
"The Instructors are obviously experts and very professional!"
"Excellent presentation style and student participation!"
"Training room facilities are outstanding with a friendly ambience"
"I’m bringing good stuff back home!"
"Meals, extra curricular activities and instructors were excellent!";
"Well organized and backed by experience - not solely on theory!"
"Very good interaction, relaxed environment and non-intimidating!"
"I found the hands on measurement exercises extremely helpful. It helped me to understand the principles that I was taught as well as how to verify them"
CBT (Computer Based Training) Students:
"The best available and we have checked them all!"
"Just in time and just enough education in a manufacturing environment"
"It is exactly what we were looking for"
"After viewing this video, our managers and engineers were speechless"
"Most impressive aspect is the degree of knowledge obtained, and retained"
"Your training package is superb"
"Decreased the amount of time it takes to train."

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